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A weekend in Zagreb - Croatia

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

A weekend in Zagreb

Top Bars

Khala Restaurant & Bar

What a great find, the mixologist from Dubravkin Put, suggested we visit this bar, and his recommendation was spot on.

It's a great venue for late afternoon or evening drinks, surrounded by lush green trees and plenty of people watching.

Swanky Monkey Garden

Nothing better than walking into a backpackers hotel that has a cool cocktail bar at the back.

Dežman Bar

First night out in Zagreb and we found this beautiful wine/cocktail bar serving an amazing charcuterie board. The place was very busy, especially for a Tuesday night.

Top Restaurants

Dubravkin Put

What a special privilege to enjoy a five-hour lunch (that wasn't a degustation) in a Michelin star restaurant. Located in the Tuškanac forest, just a few minutes’ walk from the very centre of the city, Dubravkin Put is both a restaurant and a wine bar.


Sundays are all about long lazy lunches, enjoying good food and wine. This Italian restaurant serves good simple food, by a great team. We loved the wine our waitress picked, again Croatia we are falling in love with your wines!

Yes, we saw some very nice architecture as well including the Cathedral of Zagreb.

While almost crashing a Croatian wedding.

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