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Airbnb - Reims

Updated: Apr 9, 2023

A clean and modern Airbnb 20-minute walk from the centre of Reims, with impeccable detail, is designed to make your stay effortless.

This Airbnb would suit someone who wants an extended stay in Reims, has a car, and wants to explore the region over a weekend. The kitchen is perfect, with a dishwasher and a washing machine.

We were disappointed in the location as it was further than we expected from the centre of Reims and didn't provide us with the vibe of the champagne region, think being surrounded by buildings that are missing their personality and a little grey,

Therefore we shortened our stay from five nights to one (forfeiting over 50% of the cost) to find exactly what we had been hoping for, and we did at the Magical Riverboat Airbnb - Reims and so much more.

Unfortunately, the Airbnb faces into a courtyard are not very inviting, and the total block-out blinds allow you to get an excellent night's sleep—great wifi and close to the train station. The bathroom has a perfect shower with plenty of hot water.

We loved the welcome sign when we entered the Airbnb and the thoughtful decorations, especially the side tables with power sockets and oversized bedroom.

Shirley is an absolute pleasure to communicate with and provides many recommendations to enjoy your stay in the beautiful champagne region of France.

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