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Beautiful Airbnb - Belgrade

KNEZ SIMA Luxury Apartment with Balcony - Five nights

This home is an upscale and immaculate Airbnb located in the heart of Belgrade, Serbia.

From the moment you walk up the one flight of beautifully decorated stairs, you know you're going to be in for a memorable stay. Upon opening the door, you are greeted with a very spacious sun-filled home recently restored to perfection.

Not a piece of Ikea furniture to be. Instead, think clean and modern with beautiful walls that are exquisitely decorated. The attention to detail is simply a sight to behold.

The Airbnb is oversized, from a separate work area and drawing room to a beautiful full kitchen and expansive lounge room. The balcony is perfect for sitting outside and enjoying a glass of wine while watching the sunset. Everything is lovingly decorated, with just the right amount of style. The location is perfect to set up as a base for short or preferable long-term stays.

There are two toilets and a laundry closet with the latest model washer/dryer. Throughout our travels, we rarely experience this level of quality and attention to detail.

You have an Italian restaurant that creates some award-winning pizzas on your doorstep, and the corner shop 100 metres away allows you to easily self-cater.

You would not be disappointed in staying in this Airbnb; it ticks all the boxes, sunlit, loads of space, livable, quality appliances and finishes, and balcony. Most importantly, a central location to explore beautiful Belgrade.

Natalija, your host, is an absolute pleasure to communicate with, very responsive and accommodating.

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