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Divan Pub - Bodrum

Divan Pub Bodrum - One visit

Divan Pub in Bodrum Marina, Turkey, has the best potential due to its location and stunning design, but unfortunately, they were skipping a beat.

The service levels were poor, but the wine was not poured (first world problems), difficult to get service attention, plates were not cleared, and utensils and food were scattered around on the floor on neighbouring tables.

We intended to enjoy a slow lunch, but after being seated, we were quick to have a snack and drink to move on; there seemed to be a heartbeat missing.

The snack we ordered was a cheese platter, which unfortunately left a lot to be desired, especially for the snack price ($18). Good selection of wines, although a little overpriced for local wines, compared to other establishments and regions in Turkey.

They have the most beautiful rooftop, which is perfect for chilling and enjoying the magnificent views of the Bodrum castle and marina. The indoor dining is very stylish too.

A little love and this place can become a beautiful oasis to enjoy a cocktail and lunch or dinner tucked away from the busy marina's hustle and bustle.

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