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Friendships - Day 19 of Quarantine

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

The quote we have always lived our life by. Especially since the beginning of our endless journey of incredible experiences. From Bali to Vienna and many places in between.

Over two years ago we left Australia on a one-way ticket to explore the world, at the time that is what we thought we would be doing. Still, there was a considerable element of surprise when we explored the world, and the most crucial factor has been the friendships we have developed.

Now we start to get emotional and wish we were able to stay longer in all the beautiful places we have been fortunate to spend time — Maldives, Germany, France, Italy, Thailand, Morocco, Tunisia to name a few. Enjoy our first two years of travel memories, looking forward to producing another one to capture even more amazing lifetime friendships.

Travelling just the two of us, away from all our friends and family is not always easy. As we miss them incredibly, and the new families we have created and welcomed into has made it so special and helping us to continue our life plan of travel. 

The list of kind, generous, precious, fun and gorgeous souls in our life is endless, but you all know who you are. We are eternally grateful for every one of you welcoming us into your life as we have become part of your community.

You all hold an extraordinary piece of our heart, and we always leave a part behind with you all.

Much love always, until next time.

We will leave you with our latest reviews from our present Airbnb host, speaks volumes of how special you all are and the opportunity to travel.

We can’t wait to hit the road again.

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