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Gonia Restaurant - Himara

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Gonia Restaurant - Two visits

If you are lucky enough to be visiting this charming coastal village Himare in Albania, you must be sure to dine at Gonia.

The owners are absolutely delightful; the food is mouthwatering, very fresh Greek with a twist.

Christina, the chef/owner, is happy to share her favourite dishes of the day and surprise you.

Must try the saganaki and lamb, absolutely divine! We were also very impressed with the dumplings.

The wines are all local (from Greece), and the house wine is homemade and delicious.

The restaurant is cosy and very comfortable; you will be ready to settle in for the afternoon, enjoying the food, ambience and wines.

A lovely outdoor dining space with breathtaking views. During the colder months, we visited, so indoors was preferred, but you will be guaranteed sensational views when the sun is shining; they were still lovely on an overcast day.

We dined at Gonia twice during our 5 days in Himare and were overwhelmed each visit; we just wanted to try every dish!

The heart and home of Himare, cannot recommend it highly enough.

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