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Helping Kids Stay Positive - Day 12 Quarantine

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

I love being part of a fabulous Facebook community called Girls LOVE Travel, we all share our amazing experiences and provide support to everyone, especially at times of need like now.

It started with a Facebook post

I popped a post up this week to ask everyone to share a selfie at home and 500+ likes and 1,000 comments later, the overwhelming response received was full of inspiration, compassion, support and encouragement for each other and to keep us all healthy and safe.

The post has prompted me to share the tips from all the lovely mother's comments around the world.

Who are busy trying to come up with creative ideas on how to keep their kids entertained, along with being educational and fun while isolated.

Free creative ideas

10 'free' Creative Ways To Travel With Your Kids Inside Your Home A great resource with creative travel ideas to keep your kids entertained at home while learning about the world, new foods, new music, virtual tours of museums, dancing and much more.

At Home Arts and Crafts is a new community for parents or anyone with little ones in their life to inspire each other with at-home craft, imaginary play and virtual tour ideas. 

This great site lists 12 webcams of zoos that are offering virtual tours of their animals, and you can see the animals at feed time or chill out.

Chalk the walk

Send your kids outside to your front pathway with a box of colourful chalk and let their creative juices flow, great for positive messages, artwork or scrawls.

Maybe organise with your street for all the kids to do this together, clearly keeping within their home boundary, fun for all and keeping them connected.

It's a gift that keeps on giving, once it rains they can refresh their sidewalk creations again.

Have a Zoo day in your neighbourhood. Collect all your kids' stuffed toys and perch them throughout the community, then take the kids on the sidewalks and spot the animals!

This one melted my heart, a group of teachers in the US all drove through their children's neighboured and waved to all the kids.

Keeping the kids positive and making sure the teachers also do not miss their little ones too.

Are you a new mama and have just taken your precious bundle home and now isolated from your family and friends, here is a great support group to keep you connected and talking to other new mums. This Monday The Suite Set begins their free 14-day email lessons on finding calm and peace in such uncertain times. They are there to provide you with expert mummy advice, beautiful hints and tips and bring you closer to their community of mamas. Sign up here.

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