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Hotel Dva Bisera - Lagadin

Hotel Dva Bisera - Three visits

We finally found a fine dining restaurant in Ohrid, Dva Bisera in Lagadin definitely ticks all the boxes.

Located a short ten minute drive from Ohrid in Lagadin on Lake Ohrid, the views are spectacular.

Very warm, friendly and professional service, even during the busy times. Definitely a hot spot for locals.

The menu was definitely packed with options for everyone, from traditional Macedonian cuisines, seafood, meat (every which way) and pizza and pastas. They are also well known for their fish stew (we missed out on trying this), so be sure to make your breakfast reservations.

During our three visits, we enjoyed fresh salads, soups, local starters, steak, schnitzels (the beef is a must) and village meat cooked in a claypot, absolutely mouthwatering.

The restaurant has recently been refurbished, great indoor/outdoor dining area and you can enjoy dining on the lakeside too. Excellent range of desserts including some additional delights from a Macedonian patisserie 'Chocoholic'.

We loved Dva Bisera was only a short walk from our stay at Villa Bisera, we definitely took advantage of being so close to a fine dining establishment. We enjoyed our lazy lunches with 5 star service and of course a premium selection of Macedonian wines and a great selection of spirits.

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