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It's the journey - Zabljak

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Today was our last day in the winter wonderland, so we thought!

We needed to wait for the snow cleaner to clear the road into town, arrived late afternoon. We experienced very high winds, Wayne needed to attach snow chains to the tyres and remove the ice to open the car's doors🤣.

We had about 60cms of snow in the past few days.

Our host also was bogged and needed the tractor to tow him out after an hour of shovelling and pushing!

It gets dark at 4.30 pm so we thought we could drive at least 1 hour to shorten our trip to Tivat, but the police had blocked the road out (snowing a lot), so we checked into Hotel SOA up staying in Zablja.

Only ten minutes from our log cabin!

We get to enjoy more snow views from town and hope to continue tomorrow, as our rental car is due for its annual service, so they want it back. We are trying our best to get it to them!

A big and fun adventure, although it took all day. 🤗

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