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Karma Beach Club - Koh Samui

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

Karma Beach Club - Multiple Visits

Fabulous Beach Club. This is the perfect place for lunch or dinner, chill out and relax for an afternoon by the pool, drinking cocktails with friends, or soaking up the sun.

The pool is located just on the beach, so you have a great ocean view, and around the pool, some day beds provide some relief from the Samui sun. 

If you want your feet in the sand, you can lounge by the beach on comfortable beanbags and sunbeds.

Great place for lunch or dinner as the food is exceptional, especially the quality of the meat — wide selection of international dishes, including local Thai cuisine. I am a fan of the beef skewers; they are delicious! 

The service team always ensures you have what you need and enjoy your experience.

Karma is also popular with the locals and very chill friendly.

Karma is a fantastic beach club, and you won't be disappointed.

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