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Klinika dentare Dr. Erta Xhanari - Tirana

Updated: Jun 23

After three years of travelling, we were well overdue for a visit to the dentist. After much research, we found Dr. Erta in Tirana. Like most visits to the dentist, they are always stressful, so it was important we find a gentle and caring dentist.

Dr. Erta Xhanari is an excellent and knowledgeable dentist with a great facility with es and clean equipment. She made the visit completely painless.

We had a checkup and cleaning, and she was very efficient and relieved our stress with her excellent English and bedside manner. Her nurse was also lovely; you know you are in good hands.

I recommend visiting Dr Erta for peace of mind and a health check on your teeth. It's very affordable—only $40AUD for a checkup and cleaning. It's easy to book by emailing directly. She was very responsive and was able to schedule us in a few days. Don't be alarmed by the entrance to her clinic. You will be pleasantly surprised as you enter.

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