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NOMAD Bar & Bistro - Belgrade

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

NOMAD Bar & Bistro - Twenty visits

The place you feel like you have visited many times before, the warmest welcome as you arrive from the lovely NOMAD team.

We decided to spend our Friday lazy lunch in our local neighbourhood; as we were feeling the Fitzroy, Melbourne vibe and were very grateful, we chose Nomad.

A newly opened Mediterranean Bar & Bistro eatery, family-owned of only two weeks, was already operating like a well-oiled machine.

From the stunning design and fit-out to the most delightful owners, after spending the best of ten years in New York, have recently returned home to Serbia and a beautiful team. It truly felt like we were regulars and popping back in to say hello to old friends.

A wonderful wine list and the food was absolutely mouthwatering, we started with our fave caesar salad, which was delicious, followed by ribs and gnocchi, each dish was tasty and full of flavour.

A very comfortable terrace for outdoor dining, tucked away in a quiet tree-lined street, along with a very stylish indoor dining, we became fast fans of the big round table in the corner.

After lunch, it was cocktail time, and Ivana was an expert, taking our requests and making fabulous creations to suit our style. We were very impressed, we stayed until late evening continuing our cocktail journey with Nomad.

After such a wonderful experience, we returned a few days later to say hello to everyone and received the same warm welcome and were delighted with sampling even more dishes.

The risotto was definitely one of the best we have had. It was fresh and clean, leaving you feeling light and satisfied.

Definitely the next best new restaurant in this quaint neighbourhood, the place to try and will keep you coming back for more.

Update - we continued our friendship and regular visits to NOMAD during our six-month stay in Belgrade and the beautiful NOMAD team has become family. The quality of the food continues to surprise us and we look forward to visiting our NOMAD family again on a future visit to Belgrade.

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