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Panorama Hotel & Spa - Krushevo

Three nights turned into six nights in this beautiful hotel with the best views over Krushevo.

Perfect hotel to enjoy the surrounding nature, and fresh air. A magical walk into town surrounded by forest, beautiful big pine trees, and wildlife, we even saw our first woodpecker during our walks, busy chiseling the trees.

The rooms were beautiful with heavenly beds, high-quality linens, and a firm mattress. The views were incredible, and all rooms have views.

The hotel restaurant staff were very warm and friendly, the food was exceptional and you must try the local dishes, we loved the Alto burger, which wasn't what we expected, but was very impressed when it arrived.

The ribs also melted in your mouth, slow-cooked and delicious. The salads were always very fresh and tasty.

A great selection of local Dalvina wines, especially the reds and the sparkling was also very impressive for the price point of 1200 denar.

Note one section was very smoky, but they did have another section that was no smoking which was much fresher, you could also dine outside to enjoy the lovely sunshine and views.

The hotel is clean, although the maid service was quite poor in the rooms, and when you did receive the service, the minimal was done, basically towels and toilet paper replaced, the bed would remain unmade some days.

Be sure to check your invoice on checkout, as we had agreed on a rate of 92 euro for the additional three days, and they tried to charge us the same weekend rate we had on the arrival of 110 euro.

Fortunately, we picked it up, and after explaining they cleared it all up and apologised. There seemed to be a lack of communication amongst staff.

Overall the hotel is beautiful, just a couple of minor improvements above could be made to tick all the boxes for your stay, but I wouldn't let this deter you from enjoying the experience.

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