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Pizza Skar - Krushevo

Pizza Skar - One visit

Pizza Skar is located in the heart of Krusheveo, in a little laneway, a great spot to feel part of the community.

It is a quaint little cosy restaurant, busy with locals and beautiful decor.

We sat down to enjoy a lazy lunch, and the lovely waitress sourced our favourite bottle of Bela Voda, which wasn't listed on the menu.

The food was very good, the waitress was having to manage the restaurant on her own basically, and made sure we were always taken care of.

She was incredibly kind to treat us to a delicious selection of desserts, always unexpected the generosity of the staff.

Upon receiving the bill, this was the first time we have been treated as foreigners, where they felt they could charge us double for our favourite local wine. We were very disappointed, especially after having this wine for the past two months many times the highest we have been charged was 2500 denar, but here they thought they could take us for a ride and charged us 4000 denar.

Recommend checking the bill closely and in hindsight, we should have questioned the price for the wine, as this definitely left us feeling down on Krushevo. Fortunately, all faith was restored when we dined again at the amazing Krushevska Odaja.

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