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Showroom Bar & Dine - Novi Sad

We found Showroom by strolling through the city and seeing the slick advertising and the mention of Bar and Dine. We knew it was a place to visit.

After about 30 minutes walking we arrived, it was great to experience the city on foot and come across all the local life and monuments.

Upon arrival, we were ready for a drink and a long lazy lunch. We were greeted warmly and settled in for our lunch, kickstarting with cocktails, which were unique and very well balanced.

We enjoyed making our way through the menu and enjoying some new and exciting dishes.

Following lunch, we had to continue with the Devil's Ice tea cocktails. They were too good to miss!

The restaurant is beautifully designed indoors and boasts a very spacious outdoor area, with lush furniture.

It's a perfect place to relax and enjoy your afternoon with quality cocktails, wine and food, all served by a lovely team.

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