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Stambolijskis Restaurant - Niš

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Truly magical, a New Balkan cuisine restaurant located in a 143-year-old home in Nis, Serbia. The staff were incredible, we had a fun lunch with our lovely waiter and loved the warm welcome we received.

The atmosphere was very relaxing as you dined in the garden outdoors, imagine fine dining in your backyard, this was the ambience, surrounded by beautiful trees.

A wonderful wine list of the very best wines from the Balkans, with a small sample of fine Italian wines. We were recommended a Serbian Pinot Noir '2012 Aleksandrovic Trijumf Noir' to complement our lamb, it is definitely now on the top of our list. Excellent value at $50 AUD.

The food was exceptional. We started out with a very fresh Caesar Salad, followed by a lamb risotto full of flavour, we couldn't pass up the lamb and were grateful we didn't, it was very tasty and tender.

If you are in Nis, then don't miss your chance dining at Stambolijskis Restaurant, you will be taken on a food and wine journey to remember.

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