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Taylan Sef Steakhouse - Belgrade

Updated: Jan 8

Ironically, our last lunch in Belgrade was in a Turkish restaurant. Unbeknownst to us, we were heading to Romania in the next day or so; after some COVID-19 developments, we quickly changed our next destination to Istanbul.

Taylan Sef is a new restaurant (opened Sep 2021) in the heart of Belgrade in the beautiful Knez Mihailova pedestrian zone, tucked away on a side alley, surrounded by greenery, and you are also spoilt with street musicians.

The restaurant in Belgrade is a second location from the main restaurant in Istanbul.

We were instantly greeted with warm and attentive service and treated to a welcome starter, which was incredible; one of our favourite dishes was beef carpaccio.

They present you with an excellent and well-selected wine list. The pinot noir was divine.

Being in a steakhouse, it was only natural to order steak, and we were both delighted with our succulent mains. The quality of the meat was of the highest quality.

Following lunch, we were surprised by Katmer, a local Turkish dessert, which was the perfect end to our last lunch in Belgrade.

The team were full of fun and friendly energy, and we are looking forward to experiencing the restaurant in Istanbul soon.

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