• Sal Schmidt

The Social - Koh Samui

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

The Social - Every weekend

Epic Sunsets. This is a fantastic restaurant and bar that has recently opened; you will not be disappointed with the food, view, cocktails or atmosphere!

Social is a perfect place to watch the sunset; it has the most spectacular view each evening. You can have a sunset drink in the restaurant or the bar lazing around on beanbags.

You also have an up-close and personal look of the Big Buddha.

Damian has creatively designed a cocktail menu that will make you want to continue through the list; the quality of the drinks are best on the island. Martin has also created an extensive selection for all appetites from breakfast to dinner.

The food is delicious and will also keep you coming back to enjoy all the offerings. We love the sharing platters; they give you a great selection of meat/vegetarian choices (and the cheese platter is well worth it).

If you are keen on a lazy weekend (or weekday in fact) brunch, then this is the place for you. Fantastic selection for Breakfast and if you are a smashed avo fan you will even enjoy it more.

The establishment is a beautiful design, lots of wood and greenery and has some fantastic art to wow you as well.

Recommend going for sunset, as a bonus there is no tax or service charge included and the pricing is very reasonable for food and drinks.

The team are amiable too and very attentive!