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Tomas Coiffeur - Kusadasi

Tomas Coiffeur - One visit

Our first task for the day when exploring Kusadasi was to find a barber to remove all the unwanted grey and look presentable!

We walked past Thomas Coiffeur in the bazaar, and Tomas was very welcoming, warm and friendly, and he was available immediately.

Tomas took the time to cut and style my hair, and then to our surprise, the wax came out! There was plenty of laughter and fun with the bonus hair removal.

Having hot wax around your ears and face sounds crazy, but it does remove all those embarrassing tiny hairs that you experience as you grow older.

The one thing we have experienced during our Turkey travels is the excellent men's grooming. Not only do you receive a haircut, but very common to have all facial hair removed (be it hot wax, threading, burning or cutting) followed by a head and shoulder massage. You walk out feeling very respectable. The average cost is between AUD $6 to $10; we always leave a generous tip due to the exceptional service.

Strongly recommend that you visit Tomas if you're a traveller; we noticed that many cruise ship team members see Tomas during port days, which is always a good sign.

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