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A Tale of Two Countries - Day 4 Quarantine

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

So today we ventured out to buy food, one of the few restrictions not in place.

I keep loving Vienna and this country, Austria.

No panic buying, no crowds, people kept their distance, pure joy.

Meanwhile, in my home country of Australia.

I feel ashamed of all the stories I am hearing, where there is a minority who lack respect for our fellow citizens, it is quite alarming.

So our day was filled with some fantastic moments.

One of my clients, an accountant that I mentor Kelly Chard from GrowthMD, delivered a webinar to her clients.

Instead of another email about working from home, Kelly’s gave clients some practical advice about how to manage their practice during the current situation.

Kelly’s client base is mainly in the medical industry, so they are the front line putting their life at risk for ours.

I will say that again; they put their life at risk for ours.

Just like those in retail right now (imagine writing that three months ago).

Going to work, the risks they are taking to ensure we are all nourished and not knowing who they contact might be a carrier. Kudos to all of them, it isn’t going unnoticed, and we are eternally grateful.

The webinar was a fantastic experience, and the questions from doctors showed that it’s up to us to help each other through these tough times we are all facing.

So, I’m now doing this for several accounting firms (best use of my time and skills).

I reached out individually to another 20 people (it’s something I’ve tasked myself to do each day) to check on their mental health.

Something we all can do (not a bulk are you ok?). An individual message each day to a new group of people.

Sally worked so hard, that’s the one thing working from home. With no distractions, you end up working crazy long hours, which has been her life for the past few years, she is adept to this work-life.

Tomorrow I’m seriously going to try and watch some Netflix hopefully.

Ok, that bit probably won’t happen, just too much opportunity at the moment to do good and help all those that need a helping hand.

In 2021, will you be proud of your actions in 2020?

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