I live and breathe Accountants. I am very passionate about helping them find what makes them unique. We then collaborate over virtual coffees (or wine), and a new value-driven website is born.

I launched Xero Australia in 2009 and over 35 years working in the accounting industry, from Sales to Marketing in AU, US, UK & China in leadership roles, providing mentoring on sales and marketing for high growth accounting firms.

Nearly four years ago, my wife and I made a bold decision to pack our life up in Melbourne and book one-way tickets to travel around the world slowly. We have just achieved 25 countries whilst working remotely and enjoying my new passion for designing websites. 

We also support the B1G1 life-changing movement, where businesses build giving into their business. In addition to donating on behalf of my incredible clients, I also really enjoy paying it forward by providing my services and experience to worthy causes around the world, they are doing the hard work. I love helping them share their purpose and voice to create awareness.


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Sal Schmidt

Sally is passionate about helping businesses transform and stand out. A strong leader with a focus on delivering a positive customer experience both within and outside the organisation. Sally is also an enthusiast of data to provide insightfulness and actionable results, along with an eagle eye.

Played a pivotal role in launching Xero in Australia, contributing to its phenomenal growth and success. With nearly 20 years of experience working globally in the software industry in Australia, the US and the UK.

Sally has a unique privilege by blending her life's passion for travel whilst successfully contributing to the spectacular growth of CarePage.


CarePage is evolutionary and empowering aged care homes to do better by listening to the voices of the elderly. CarePage's life-changing technology provides immediate insights and transparency through real-time feedback to guide homes to make positive changes. Sally finds it heartwarming to work with a passionate and caring team who are all driven to provide the best care quality, support and experience everyone deserves.


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