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How we got here

Late in 2017,  Sal Schmidt and Wayne Schmidt took three months of extended leave, a common practice at hubby's then-age of 55.


While sitting at a bar in Frankfurt, we realised we had fallen into a rut.


Long gruelling hours, trying to live a life of consumption.


We returned to Australia and sold our trinkets (left five suitcases left at Sally's mum's house ).


To start living a slower life, of travel, less consumption of trinkets and capturing memories.

Two weeks later, our journey began; no jobs, two suitcases, and no plans.

Now six years into our nomadic life, we've built a lifestyle business, working with some of the most inspiring individuals.

These words now have so much meaning.

The average life expectancy is 78 years.
While the retirement age is 65+.
So we work 45 years.
To enjoy maybe 13.

Sal Schmidt
Wayne Schmidt
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