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Angry Monk - Belgrade

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Angry Monk - Three visits

Angry Monk a unique Japanese restaurant and cocktail lab in the heart of Belgrade exudes luxury with amazing and stunning design.

The cocktails are definitely on another level, each cocktail is made with the highest of quality liquor and they all have an element of surprise. A very enticing range of signature cocktails, especially the Holly Smoke (see below)!

The food is above expectation with a very unique spin on Japanese, but one you will be delighted by. You can't go wrong, each and every dish was incredible. You must try the Yaki Buns, literally a baked cloud bun, the lightest and freshest we have ever experienced!!

The staff are very attentive and full of wonderful energy.

A mesmerising and intimate indoor dining space, with beautiful booths to enjoy a long lazy meal, a great outdoor dining space that is great to watch the world go by.

Angry Monk has ambience, a great atmosphere, definitely a hotspot to enjoy tunes with a DJ over the weekend.

For wine lovers, you can enjoy a very well selected wine list to complement the delicious cuisine.

The location of Angry Monk is a heartbeat from the pedestrian street, so a perfect restaurant for a pre clubbing night or after a day of shopping.

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