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Gallardo - Tivat

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

Gallardo - Three Visits

Wow! Excellent steak restaurant, perfect location in the heart of Porto Montenegro surrounded by luxury shops, yachts, people, and residences.

Great quality steaks, served by an enthusiastic and friendly team, we have enjoyed many lazy lunches here with fabulous food and wine.

The meat selection is vast and you can even choose your preferred steak and cut from the daily selections. The wine list is very extensive with a large range of French and Italian varieties, especially some very fine reds.

We were also pleasantly surprised when we were gifted with their wonderful desserts at the end of our meals, which were mouthwatering. A very huge thank you to the team.

The restaurant decor is stunning and high-quality finishings, providing you a comfortable setting to sit back and enjoy your meal.

Excellent value and will definitely visit again before we leave Montenegro.

Perfect location for watching the world go by and watching the beautiful fashionable locals of Tivat.

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