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Carderos Restaurant - Vancouver

Cardero's built over the water with simply breathtaking views of the harbour, mountains and the marina with food to match in the heart of Vancouver.

This restaurant is very popular during the lunchtime rush, so coming a little later will give you a better experience. While busy, we enjoyed the service. The team still took the time to chat, handle our queries about wines, and move us to a window table when one became available—spot-on service.

The food was hearty, and we decided to share the battered fish and chips, a specialty main dish, which was delicious and tender without being too strong (so perfect for those seafood novices like Wayne).

Whether you are inside or out, the views are breathtaking, and the decor fits in with the style of the building.

Pricing is standard for Vancouver, based on the size of the meals you are best to share.

The wine list was extensive, and we enjoyed a beautiful Monterey Pinot Noir with a 3.8 rating on Vivino.

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