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Gostilnica Marchelo - Krushevo

Gostilnica Marchelo - One visit

We loved this little bar nestled in the cobblestoned laneways of Krushevo. A perfect spot for a quick drink on our last evening in his quaint village.

We enjoyed a small bottle of local wine each, we were also tempted to try it with a slice of lemon, a local tradition we were told, we decided this was definitely not to our tastebuds, it's like popping a strawberry in champagne, a definite no-no for us:-)

The staff were incredibly friendly and went out of their way to ensure we were well taken care of. I even asked for a phone charger, and as they didn't have the correct one, he went to borrow another from down the road (unfortunately it was the wrong one too, but the level of service was heartwarming).

Again, we wished we had more time to enjoy this lovely little bar with a positive vibe in the heart of Krushevo.

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