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Helping Others During a Crisis - Day 21 Quarantine

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Watching Wayne (my hubby) each day invest his time helping others is truly heartwarming. 💙

His complete selflessness is positively infectious.

Each day Wayne spends countless hours on Zoom video calls helping friends or businesses in need to drive and flip their businesses online, helping them remain relevant during this time of crisis and keep afloat to survive.

Building websites, social media profile makeovers, strategies to grow and survive financially, and above all else, a friendly chat to keep them in good spirits. They are keeping him busy in addition to his current commitments with his wonderful accounting firm clients.

We can all pull together and remember our skills can be transferred to all verticals and industries.

Love seeing the diversity of businesses all across the globe.

  • Hospitality - Sensory Cocktails (Melbourne 🇦🇺)

  • Worthy Causes - Non Profits (London 🇬🇧& Morocco 🇲🇦)

  • Creative/Copywriters (Melbourne 🇦🇺)

  • DJ’s & Musicians (Thailand 🇹🇭)

To videos to help people set up LinkedIn to position themselves for a new role.

Kudos 👏 to Wayne

Giving back, his time and knowledge to keep our friends positive and supporting their businesses.

As Wayne says ‘Will you look back in 2021 on your actions in 2020 and be proud?’

I can guarantee Wayne will be, as I am of him.

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