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Joloko - Kuala Lumpur

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Best cocktails & Tequila selection in Kuala Lumpur.

Always great to stumble across a quaint little bar and restaurant. We were lucky enough to be staying next door to Joloko and had a fabulous evening enjoying their vast range of cocktails and delicious food.

The style was Caribbean/African; the decor was gorgeous, great for sharing plates and trying new dishes. The food was amazing!

After you have filled up on the shared dishes, you head back to the bar and continue trying more cocktails. Excellent range of Gin & Tequila, especially if you are a fan of Mezcal.

The service is delightful; everyone was very attentive and enjoyed a chat.

Definitely will pop by next time in KL to say hi and try even more of the excellent dishes and drinks; hopefully, it’s a Friday or Saturday as I have heard it’s a fun night of dancing and music too!

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