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Pineapple Restaurant - Marmaris

Pineapple Restaurant is one of the few dining establishments in Marmaris, with white tablecloths while still giving you a view of all the yachts moored within the marina.

Good service, and they even handled our request to move as the sun slowly crept over our table.

Nothing better than having a cheat day and enjoying a pizza. Yes, we ordered a Hawaiian (sorry to all those purist pizza lovers, Sally could not miss this opportunity). It reminded us of being back home in Australia.

There is nothing better than starting your meal with a Mojito, and the bar ensures only the freshest ingredients are used in your cocktail.

The yellow and white awnings give you that relaxed seaside vibe and suit this restaurant; ignore the logo (as a designer, I would not be proud of that design!). It doesn't represent the beautiful dining experience you will receive; therefore, don't be put off by casual branding.

Pricing is reasonable considering the location, design and ambience.

The wine list was large enough to ensure all taste styles were well catered.

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