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Reunited in Rotterdam

Updated: May 1

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

After the timeless allure of Bruges in Belgium as part of our enriching two-week Western Europe Transatlantic voyage aboard the esteemed Celebrity Apex, we were reunited with our dear friends in Rotterdam.

This day is hard to put into words. We were not even sure it was going to happen. We were communicating and trying to make it work, but as life happens, the universe was on our side to reunite us after 17 years apart in Rotterdam.

Martine, a cherished friend I met in 1999 in Melbourne, had a family weekend away in Amsterdam, just as we happened to be in Rotterdam, her hometown. Despite the time constraints and logistical challenges, Martine and her family raced back to Rotterdam, managing to spend an hour together before our ship set sail. Truly, it was an hour to be cherished.

Martine and I met when she was backpacking in Melbourne in 1999. We joined Medibank the same day and quickly became friends; you couldn't keep us apart. She finally had to return home after living in Melbourne for an extended period; it was a sad day, and we were inseparable. She even moved in with me for a short period.

But we stayed in touch, and she had plans to return as my maid of honour for my first wedding, so we were reunited in 2002; then, in 2006, Wayne and I visited her in Rotterdam.

Over the years, we've stayed in touch, fostering our connection despite the physical distance. An unfortunate accident five years ago thwarted our plans to reunite in Paris for my 40th birthday, making this long-awaited reunion in Rotterdam all the more magical.

We had a beautiful hour meeting her little ones, who are now, of course, teenagers and six feet tall (Holland is the land of the giants) and reminiscing on the old times and how easy it was to pick up where we left off, like no time had passed, the epitome of true friendship. Wayne had so much fun reconnecting with Marcel (M's hubby) by staying up all night playing board games and knocking on random doors in Amsterdam, which were clubs, of course).

After an hour filled with tears, laughter, and seventeen years of catching up, we bid our friends farewell and embarked on our voyage towards Norway.

This unforgettable reunion has taught us a valuable lesson—the importance of nurturing friendships and cherishing our time together. It has also sparked our determination not to let such precious catch-ups become few and far between. As a result, we are already busy planning a future getaway in Rotterdam, ensuring that our friendship continues to thrive.

Sailing out of Rotterdam, the breathtaking views and the unique sight of oil rigs accenting a glorious sunset filled us with overwhelming excitement. Finally, reuniting with one of our oldest friends reminded us of the immeasurable joy and fulfilment of companionship. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the universe for orchestrating this reunion and to Martine and her beautiful family for cutting their weekend getaway short to find us again.

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21. Apr.

The epitome of true friendships last forever. How wonderful you could reconnect. So very special.

Gefällt mir
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