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Our First Taste of Norway

Updated: May 27

As we set sail on another captivating adventure, delving into the enchanting Norwegian fjords during a 7-night cruise following our transatlantic voyage with Celebrity Cruises aboard the esteemed Apex.

Haugesund, Norway

The first leg of our journey led us to the intriguing town of Haugesund, which is nestled on the shores of the North Sea in Rogaland County, Norway, and boasts a population of 37,000.

Embracing the rugged beauty of Haugesund's landscape, framed by mountains, islands, and the North Sea, one can't help but be transported back to a time when this city was a hub of Viking royalty and leadership. Today, Haugesund is a vibrant cultural centre in Norway, hosting renowned events like the Norwegian International Film Festival and a lively jazz festival each summer. The narrative of the Viking Kings that echoes through the region, coupled with a rich tapestry of cultural offerings, diverse festivals, ample shopping opportunities, bustling urban life, and adrenaline-pumping extreme sports activities, presents a diverse menu of experiences for exploration.

We opted to disembark at our own pace during our visit, strolling through the town on foot. Despite the rainy weather that characterized the day, we savoured a leisurely lunch at a local cafe, Dattera til Lothe.

The cafe's clean, wooden design and architecture resonated with the simple yet elegant aesthetic characteristic of Norway's architectural heritage, representing a taste of Norway's clean and serene aesthetic. The food was delicious and definitely hit the spot.

Before returning to the ship, we strolled around the quiet city to capture the local vibe. While Haugesund may not have immediately struck us as the most visually striking Norwegian city, it marked our 71st country visited. It piqued our anticipation for the grandeur of the majestic fjords awaiting us in the days ahead. Undoubtedly, Haugesund proved to be a destination that beckoned further exploration, inviting us to research potential excursions to delve deeper into the surrounding natural wonders and cultural richness.

For seasoned travellers like ourselves, each destination offers unique insights and hidden gems waiting to be uncovered. In the case of Haugesund, it serves as a gateway to Norway's storied past and vibrant present, urging visitors to step beyond the surface and immerse themselves in its diverse offerings.

As we continue our voyage through the Norwegian fjords, the allure of discovery and cultural immersion propels us forward, reminding us of the enriching experiences that travel can bestow upon us.

Stay tuned for more insights and magical moments as we navigate the wonders of the Norwegian Fjords.

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