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Snack bar Rio - Rovinj

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Snack bar Rio - One Visit

This restaurant is the sister restaurant to La Puntulina and Giannino Restaurant.

We got to visit this restaurant just as a storm came through, which made it even more special.

Something magical about watching a storm while safely tucked away inside dining.

I think the food is better than La Puntulina (this is due more to the small number of tables that need to be covered), and we're sorry we didn't try this restaurant earlier in our stay.

The lamb was the best I've had in Croatia and the pasta freshly made, and for once we both had desserts!

Fabulous wine list and you must try the exclusive sparkling 'Summer Brut'.

Service is impeccable and full of personality.

Excellent quality food, this restaurant gets the same stunning sunsets, just slightly back from the sea, overlooking the harbour. Outside dining is available on the water.

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