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Stay or Leave? - Day 6 Quarantine

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

No family or support group in a country that is in full quarantine.

So why did we decide to stay in Vienna, Austria instead of flying back to Australia?

Being married to the queen of data, we took a more pragmatic approach.

The numbers don’t lie.

Firstly our travel insurance is now void (specifically for COVID-19), and the thought of flying and being in close contact with others helped make our decision easier.

Some Australians are definitely not showing that Aussie spirit, especially after the terrible bushfires and floods that have recently ravaged large parts of the country.

Austria just gave us the impression that they are well prepared.

  • Having a strategy and plan

  • The youngest head of state 33 years old, Sebastian Kurz

  • Closing their borders early

  • Convert an exhibition centre in Vienna to an 880-bed hospital

  • Two dedicated COVID-19 hospitals in Vienna (a city of 2 million)

  • Closing Tyrol, no one in or out (the main hot spot for COVID-19)

  • Practising physical distancing

  • Acting early to introduce a quarantine

  • Can test for the virus within 90-minutes

  • A people-first approach

  • Regular updates (considering English is not the main language spoken)

  • No panic buying or hoarding

Below is a video from a supermarket in Vienna today, physical distancing and no hoarding.

We are allowed to leave our Airbnb to shop only.

Some random thoughts from today.

It’s physical distancing, not social distancing, thank you, Clayton Oates, for keeping it real.

Things move fast, as shown in the United Kingdom.

Keep reaching out to people one by one, no group messages.

Give your mind time to process what is happening and reflect what you have already.

Social media is so important right now for allowing us to stay connected and share experiences.

In 2021, will you be proud of your actions in 2020?

Let’s rise to the occasion, stay united and support each other.

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