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Vila Velebita - Plitvice Lakes

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Vila Velebita - One Visit

We visited this restaurant in Korenica only a short drive from Plitvice Lakes during the offseason. A number of the items on the menu that Vila Velebita is known for were not available, e.g. anything spit-roasted.

You always know when the waiter is pushing the mix-platter to every table that you should avoid it, I think the best value was to order an individual main course as the quality was much higher.

We did have a mixed platter between us, but fortunately also ordered a main and it was fantastic. Very good value for money, both the wine and food.

Reasonable selection of wines, we were pleasantly surprised with the tastings to ensure we were opting for the bottle that we most preferred. It was 1L so best get it right!

Service was warm and friendly and seems to be supported by the local community and was busy during the week.

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