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Working from Home - Day 7 Quarantine

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

We enter our second week of at least four weeks of quarantine in Vienna, Austria.

How are we making use of our time?

Ted talks are always a great personal development resource.

Scott Kelly spent a year in space.

He has some practical tips on isolation.

Scott's recent article in the New York Times is well worth reading.

Which tips am I following from his article?

Give your business an online brand refresh.

Six quick online marketing tips for your business.

Give yourself an online profile refresh.

The first twenty-minutes of the video below shows how to refresh your LinkedIn profile.

Learn new skills

I improved my knowledge of developing and designing websites using the Wix platform.

My Digital Nomad tool kit

Make sure you’re using all the latest remote working tools.

Finally, make sure you’re in contact with people.

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