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  • Villa Varosh - Ohrid

    Villa Varosh - One month Welcome to Ohrid, Macedonia, a beautiful UNESCO town on Lake Ohrid, the largest lake in Europe. I am very impressed with our accommodation choices yet again! Very lucky we decided to stay for ten days (we extended it to one month); we are enjoying the peaceful nature of the village and being on the water again; the lake views are magnificent, surrounded by snowcapped mountains. Villa Varosh is a luxury guest house like no other. It is in the heart of the old town, which is absolutely stunning. With the most breathtaking views and absolute luxury, everything is on your doorstep, along with all the local must-see attractions. It feels like home, and it must be the first stay during our travels where we haven't left the apartment better equipped. They are set up with everything you could possibly need. Branislav and Slavica are the most friendly hosts. Nothing is too much, and they are extremely responsive and always check in to make sure you have everything you need. During our month-long stay, we enjoyed three different rooms (a total of six): the 'penthouse apartment', 'the double room with Lakeview', and 'the deluxe apartment'. They are all spotlessly clean and have high-quality furnishings. The lakeview rooms are the most magical, with beautiful balconies to enjoy the views. The penthouse apartment is our favourite, and if we could stay longer, we most definitely would. As you can imagine, it is very popular with travellers visiting. The views from every window, with all-day sun beaming in, are breathtaking. The apartment is very spacious, with a large private balcony, also perfect for home-cooked meals. In addition to the outstanding accommodation, you are spoilt with a shared kitchen and dining room with access to free coffee (cappuccinos, lattes, etc) and cup-a-soups as you wish. There is also a collection of local wines to purchase. The beautiful cleaning lady has also been kind enough to do our laundry as required. She always returns it nearly folded and ironed. She deserves six stars for keeping the guesthouse immaculate. It's the small things after travelling through Montenegro and Albania, but Macedonia has a council and rubbish collection from homes. There is a green bin downstairs; in all our other homes, you must take your rubbish to a nearby bin, usually 1km from the property. It's refreshing to stay in a clean and immaculately maintained village; everyone is very house-proud. We were also blessed to experience snowfall one morning during Spring, which was a very nice surprise. The old city was dusted with snow.

  • St. John the Theologian Church - Ohrid

    St. John the Theologian Church - One visit This grand historic Orthodox church has the best views in Ohrid, perched high on the cliff overlooking Lake Ohrid. A short, easy walk up to the church, and you are in your peaceful oasis to soak up the picturesque views; if you fancy, you can take a picnic and enjoy the surroundings as there are seating areas. It was built during the 13th century and is located just above Kaneo Beach, only 10 minutes from the heart of the old town of Ohrid. It was also known as the Church of St John of Kaneo. It is very Instagram-worthy, a great spot to capture special moments, and would be a perfect spot for a beautiful sunrise and sunset.

  • NOA Lounge Bar - Ohrid

    NOA Lounge Bar - One visit It is located in the heart of the old city of Ohrid with picturesque views of Lake Ohrid. Nice modern lounge bar with a great selection of food and drinks, cocktails too. You can dine and enjoy a drink by the lakeside, soaking up the ambience of the beautiful old town views. The staff are warm and friendly, and it is a great spot to relax with a nice cocktail at very affordable prices.

  • Kadmo Lounge Bar - Ohrid

    Kadmo Lounge Bar - Three visits As soon as you walk in, you can feel the warmth and friendly vibe of the staff. The views are something else, and they're perfect for sunset drinks (beer, wine, and spirits only, no cocktails) and soaking up the landscape of Old City Ohrid. It's magical! The lounge bar is modern and comfortable, designed to relax and enjoy the views. You are blessed again with the clearest of waters; it truly is a little oasis just off the bustling cobblestone alleys of Ohrid. It is located in the heart of the old town. The menu offers a delicious selection of traditional Macedonian cuisine. We will definitely be back. This will be ideal if you want a little hidden gem for breakfast with a view or a quiet spot to work and have a coffee. Update: We visited Kadmo Lounge for lunch and breakfast before leaving, and the level of service continued, with quality dishes for lunch. The breakfast menu was very limited, with only two options, so we definitely recommend it for lunch and dinner. PORTA—Restaurant & Lounge was our favourite breakfast restaurant, a few minutes' walk from Kadmo.

  • Le Petit Bistro Lihnidos - Ohrid

    Le Petit Bistro Lihnidos - One visit It is a great local hotspot in Ohrid, where you can enjoy excellent cocktails in a warm and friendly environment. Indoor and outdoor dining available and recently refurbished, very modern with high quality furnishings. Definitely a great place to catchup with friends from breakfast to dinner, just seconds from the lake, so you enjoy wonderful views. The team is very welcoming and bursting with positive energy, making your visit more enjoyable. Primarily a fish restaurant and local Macedonian cuisine, also a hotel, rooms are very modern and spacious with spectacular views of the lake.

  • Cuba Libre Beach & Bar - Ohrid

    Cuba Libre Beach & Bar - Two visits After researching Ohrid before we arrived, Cuba Libre Beach Bar was on our list. Our first weekend, we couldn't wait to visit—the perfect way to spend our Easter Saturday with a lazy lunch at this local hotspot. A beautiful beach bar with spectacular views of Lake Ohrid overlooking the old town and the surrounding mountain ranges. Service was warm and friendly, and we enjoyed chatting with our waiter, who was kind enough to give us a cozy lounge by the water. It warmed our hearts when 20 mins in, our lovely waiter Jovan came over and said to us, 'You both have so much positive energy, I just want to tell you that you have made my day'. Fortunately, we found our new favourite Macedonian wine, Tikves Bela Voda. We were equally impressed when we saw that it was a vintage from 2013—the most fantastic chardonnay to enjoy in the sunshine and soak up the views. The menu is full of variety, with lots of tasty Cuban cuisine. We couldn't pass up the Grilled Tortilla with gorgonzola cheese. Thank you, Jovan, for the recommendation—you were spot on! The Chicken Croquettes were also a treat. During our second visit, we enjoyed their version of the Bruschetta—it was delicious! The cocktails were exceptional, and kudos to the mixologist, who obtained his experience from cruise ships and is an asset to Cuba Libre. Overall, it is a fantastic venue, with many seating areas indoors and outdoors. The decor is modern and quirky. As the sun sets, the candles are lit, making for a very cosy atmosphere. It's a lovely stroll along the waterfront from Old City. You can enjoy all the wonderful views, local life, and nature. It's approximately 20-25 minutes' walk, or you can catch a boat from the Port in Ohrid, which is a magical experience too (especially at sunset) with B & F Cruise—Ohrid Lake Boat Tours . We were fortunate we were still in Ohrid when they opened up again after a three-week closure to dine in due to COVID, and we were not disappointed on our next visit, from the warm welcome back from Jovan and Riste to the delicious food and cocktails.

  • Sunset cruise - Lake Ohrid

    B & F Cruise - Ohrid Lake Boat Tours - One visit Pure bliss cruising on Lake Ohrid in Macedonia during the golden hour with the sun setting. A sunset cruise with Nikola of B & F Cruises was the perfect way to arrive home from Cuba Libre after a long, lazy lunch. The views of the old town and the magical St. Johns Church were breathtaking, and we were also fortunate to experience the lake like glass. Thank you to Nikola, our fabulous Captain, for recommending such a wonderful experience and the door-to-door delivery; it felt like royalty. We recommend going from 7 pm, when the vivid colours of the town light up, the sun sets over the water, and there are fewer boats, making the lake quieter. Add this experience to your bucket list of items in Ohrid; you won't be disappointed.

  • Pizza Via Sacre - Ohrid

    Pizza Via Sacre - One visit Unfortunately, the location is not enough in the heart of the old city, just by the lovely Saint Sophia church . We were very unimpressed with the quality of the food. It started well with some delicious homemade lemonade, followed by a margarita pizza, which was great. We then ordered a traditional chicken pide, mainly raw chicken pieces (the stray cats even passed it up). Our waiter asked us if something was wrong. We mentioned the uncooked chicken, and he responded, 'Well, I didn't cook it', which was very disappointing. An apology would have been more appropriate. It's definitely a tourist trap, and I recommend avoiding it to ensure you stay healthy during your visit. You are spoilt for choice in Ohrid, so it's best to give this one a miss. I guess we can't win them all. After dining out numerous times a week for four years, this was the first restaurant that failed the 101 cooking test and served our chicken medium rarely.

  • The Lion - Ohrid

    The Lion - Two visits The Lion is a hot new restaurant and bar opened in Ohrid. It offers sensational views of Lake Ohrid. First and foremost, the delightful owners and staff are an absolute pleasure. You feel incredibly welcome from the moment you arrive. Secondly, the food will keep you coming back for more: traditional Macedonian, tapas, and international fusion. The menu is designed to share, with a range of options for all appetites. Try the Zucchini balls; they were heaven! Tacos and traditional beef dishes are also a must! The restaurant is beautifully designed, with modern, high-quality furnishings. It's easy to spend the afternoon and evening relaxing with fine wines, cocktails, and food with your friends. The vibe and energy are infectious. It's definitely a local hotspot. You feel like you're part of the family. Not only do you get excellent service, food, and drinks, but you are also spoilt with untouched views of Lake Ohrid, the perfect location to enjoy the magical sunsets of Macedonia. We were spoilt with surprise live music from a guest during our visit:-) A big thank you to Bryan and Kathy (the delightful owners), Phillip (our very attentive waiter) and the rockstar bar crew, who made us feel welcome during our stay in Ohrid. The Lion is the place to visit in Ohrid; you won't be disappointed.

  • Saint Sophia - Ohrid

    Saint Sophia - Two visits The beautiful “St. Sophia” church is in the heart of the old town of Ohrid, Macedonia. Surrounded by beautifully maintained gardens and lawn, relax on the park benches to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the stunning church. It is one of the most important churches in Macedonia. The church is dedicated to the Holy Wisdom, built in 9th century, on the foundations of an early Christian basilica from the 5th century. The church houses architecture and art from the Middle Ages, you can enter for a small fee to view. Views from Villa Varosh are magical, also the best guesthouse in Ohrid.

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