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  • Wayne Schmidt

OMEGA Boutique - Istanbul

OMEGA Boutique - One visit

Buying a luxury watch to celebrate a milestone in your life occurs so rarely.

After months of watching videos on YouTube, hanging out in way too many watch boutiques, I finally decided to switch brands and move to Omega.

The Omega boutique in Istanbul was the perfect buying experience.

A wide selection of male and female watches are on display and all available for sale.

The team was very knowledgeable and didn't try to upsell; they ensured I selected the right watch for my current digital nomad and traveller requirements.

I decided on the Omega Seamaster Professional Diver 300M reference

I just loved the construction, a rugged watch that would handle day to day wear, and seriously the dial changes colour in the environment and gives this watch a beautiful personality.

My watchband was adjusted at the boutique while chatting about watches and sharing our travel journey.

Truly an excellent buying experience.

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