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Casa Nova Restoran - Belgrade

Casa Nova is the most perfect Italian restaurant in Dorcol, Belgrade for a long lazy lunch with a great ambience and vibe.

A beautiful garden dining area separating you from the street, surrounded by clean manicured hedges.

The staff are so much fun and we loved the banter throughout the afternoon.

The menu will keep you busy for days, very flexible and plates of pasta are offered with your favourite pasta style.

Our entree of beef prosciutto with goat cheese sprinkled with walnuts and olives was divine.

Garlic bread is served lightly toasted with a dash of spices. The delicious ravioli pasta was coloured made using fresh vegetables, cooked al dente.

The steaks were on another level, succulent, high-quality and cooked to perfection.

Our meal ended with a nice surprise from our lovely waiter, it was the perfect way to finish the most fabulous long lazy lunch.

Casa Nova would be stunning for an evening dinner and for those special date nights with someone special.

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