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Hosca Kal Alacati Meyhane - Alacati

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

This little gem was our first dining experience in Alacati, Turkey. After arriving late during the evening, we wandered down the cobblestone street and couldn't walk past the energy flowing from Hoşça Kal, a traditional Turkish restaurant.

We were warmly greeted, and as busy as the place was, they found a cosy table in the corner for us to enjoy the atmosphere. It was bustling with locals and travellers, enjoying and dancing away to the DJ tunes at their tables. It was the perfect initiation to Alacati.

The team were so friendly and fun, the service was excellent, and we soon became friends with the staff.

We quickly ordered some traditional food, of course, Kofta (meatballs) and some local wine, followed by drinks (and then pours are generous).

You couldn't take the smiles off our faces; we loved watching everyone seated at their tables dancing away from their seat, Turkish style. The energy was infectious. We even met our neighbours, and of course, Wayne was up and dancing in no time.

We enjoyed our time so much we were back the following evening to say hello to our new friends and enjoy more food and drinks. We were genuinely feeling spoilt as we walked in, and soon we were treated to a spread of fresh fruits and chocolate to accompany our drinks. It was lovely!

Fun fact: Hoşça Kal Meyhane, a meyhane is a traditional restaurant or bar in Turkey, Azerbaijan, Iran and the Balkans. It serves alcoholic beverages like wine, rakı, vodka, beer with meze and traditional foods. "Meyhane" means house of wine and is composed of two Persian words: mey and khāneh.

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