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O Bistro Delice - Belgrade

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

A charming wine bar in Dorcol, Belgrade, where the moment you step in, you have been whisked away to a Parisian wine bar.

Think fine French cheese accompanied by elegant decor, wines and champagne. This is O Bistro Delice.

You can relax on the sidewalk surrounded by the planter boxes or cosy up on the lounge inside whilst enjoying your favourite champagne.

Staff are warm and friendly, with bubbly personalities. We enjoyed our champagne whilst bantering away with the lovely waitress.

Inside, you can peruse a great selection of wines from Serbia and France available to purchase and take home also. An excellent selection is available of outstanding small boutique champagne houses. A deli-style food pantry products are available to stock up your home too.

Attention to detail with the interior design emphasises quality and comfort, a perfect spot to relax over the weekend.

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