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Radio Bar - Tirana

Updated: Jun 20

Radio Bar - Two Visits

A great find in Tirana for those cocktail lovers (like us!).

We felt like we were back home in Melbourne, from the eclectic design, unique decor to the fabulous cocktails. Large selection of cocktails and endless spirits, definitely you will find your preferred choice, the menu was some great light reading too.

The service was incredible. A special thank you, Rei. We loved the cheeky shots and the friendly team.

It was a very spacious bar with indoor and outdoor seating. The outdoor area was also covered with log fires to ensure you were kept warm and cosy.

On our first visit, we left a designer scarf behind, and, true to the wonderful Albanians' nature, on our second visit, it was hanging up on the coat rack, waiting for us a week later.

It seems popular with the locals and visitors, so you will also be sure to meet some friendly new faces.

An outstanding cocktail bar in the heart of the Blokku in Tirana, you won't be disappointed.

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