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Balloon Adventures Emirates - Dubai

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

It was a unique desert experience.

To float over the desert at sunrise in a hot air balloon with a Falcon demonstration while flying is a once-in-a-lifetime experience; it was mind-blowing.

We left bright and early, picked up at the hotel and were delivered to the desert to embark on our flight.

The crew takes care of everything, and you must hop into the basket and fly away! You feel you are in the middle of the desert (even though it is 40 minutes from Dubai); the dunes and the beautiful sunrise surround you.

The weather was perfect.

As you float in the sky with a couple of other balloons, the pictures you will capture will surprise you! Sometimes you need to pinch yourself.

Partway through the flight, the baby Falcon takes off around the balloon and lands back on the basket.

I was lucky enough for him to land directly in front of me; it was incredible.

The landing is quite a surprise, and I will leave this for you to experience, but exhilarating!

We then jumped on the bus for the desert drive of a lifetime; thank you to our bus driver, an expert at handling the bus in the desert.

The morning ended with a quick desert ride in a vintage Land Rover to experience breakfast with the crew in an authentic environment.

Thank you to the team, especially Richard (our pilot) and Marie (Falcon handler), for this opportunity. It is very well coordinated, and there is no waiting around; I recommend this to anyone who wants to experience something unique in Dubai.

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