Three Months in Morocco

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

We were utterly overwhelmed by Morocco; it has the most spectacular scenery, vastly changing as you move through the country. The landscapes were mesmerising, one day you would be surrounded by snow-capped mountains, next you were in the Sahara desert, and then the beautiful surf coastal towns.

The food makes it hard to leave; we fell in love with the tajines and local wines. The Moroccan people, even more, they are the kindest, happiest and friendliest souls, lifelong friendships were made and memories that will last a lifetime.

Best Stays in Morocco

We like to treat ourselves to a certain level of luxury as we travel as it is all part of the experience. We thoroughly research all areas and find the best options for our budgets ($100 AUD per night) primarily through Airbnb and Here is a selection of our preferred stays in Morocco.

Best Restaurants and Bars in Morocco

We are foodies and wine/cocktail lovers, so the first thing we do when we arrive at a new destination is google best restaurants and bars. We enjoy long lazy lunches, with a fun atmosphere, great staff and of course food and wine. We have been fortunate to dine in some fabulous establishments and here is a list of our favourites in Morocco.

Best Cafes in Morocco

Being from Melbourne, we are inclined to enjoy long lazy breakfasts with great coffee while we travel. Here is a list of our favourite cafes in Morocco.


  • Alcohol is readily available in restaurants. Clubs often are attached to a restaurant and open late.

  • Transfers - Private cars and taxis. Speak with local taxi drivers for competitive rates when traveling long distance

  • Value for money - Fantastic

  • Security - Very Safe

  • People - Friendly

  • Travel - Easy

  • Length of stay - 12 Weeks - Mid November to Mid February

  • Accommodation - Mainly Riads (boutique hotels or guesthouses) and Airbnb

  • Tipping - Not expected


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