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South Arabian Horse Club - Phuket

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Must try riding. You will not be disappointed!

We loved every minute of our ride through the jungle and on the beach, it was spectacular!

The horses were perfectly matched to our experience and were gentle and well behaved. The horses came across water buffaloes, eagles, scooters, ocean waves, barking dogs at their heels and road traffic, nothing fazes the horses. We also got to experience going through deep water, horses legs mostly submerged, which was a thrill too!

Cat & Joe at Arabian Horse Club were a delight and fantastic to deal with, we also had Jaey as our leader, and he was easy to keep up with, supported us if needed and he took lots of pics along the way, these were sent to us free of charge after the ride. Another special touch was the cold towel, cold water and a treat when we arrived back:-)

The facilities were awe-inspiring where the horses stabled, all equipment was in perfect condition and above all the level of care for the horses was outstanding, they have an ideal home with Cat & Joe.

We loved how they were also environmentally friendly; the water bottles we received on the ride were stainless steel and reusable. Also, any horse poop collected on the beach.

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