TRIBE Urban Gastronomy - Tirana

Updated: 4 days ago

TRIBE Urban Gastronomy - One Visit

This restaurant has so much going on, location, interior, style, live music, food, the wine list that it should just work.

But it doesn't.

With so much going on you need to be on form, so while the back of house delivers on the food, the front of house fails.

Walking inside you'll feel like your in a restaurant in the Las Vegas strip (without the level of service), edgy decor and design, and the live music was an unexpected bonus.

I so wanted this restaurant to deliver on its promise, but it failed.

The floor team didn't know their champagnes or wines and once the restaurant became busy the servers simply got swamped and service levels dropped.

Just to put this into perspective we paid over $350 Euro for dinner, we are well into fine dining service levels.

Excuse the colour on the photographs it was the lighting inside.

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