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When things go wrong - Day 5 Quarantine

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

So today we decided to move Airbnb, as Austria is now in lockdown, quarantine extended until April 13.

Like many of you are already and like many of you will soon experience.

While our current Airbnb is stunning, we just wanted a balcony, yard or patio so that we get fresh air.

Consider that for a minute.

I am writing about the word fresh air as a priority in your accommodation instead of 400 thread linen.

So after much searching, we found an Airbnb that looked perfect, great reviews, area, etc.

Knowing that we’re allowed to travel within Austria for short distances (no, sightseeing is not essential), we booked an Uber.

Can we all pause for a second.

Maybe you have the luxury of walking around with a mask (the jury is still out on the effectiveness).

Consider all the people that are out there, helping us, like those cashiers who still are working selling you that 24 pack of toilet paper.

All are going without that mask.

Anyway, that’s for another post.

Sally packed our suitcases (we learnt early in our travels, that for our marriage and sanity that Sally should pack the bags - as I don’t seem to do it to ‘Sal standard - a bit like Sal does not iron to Wayne standard).

I love Europe when prestige cars are used as a taxi and uber. In this case, our Mercedes Benz dutifully dropped us at our new Airbnb.

Ok, we already sensed we had a problem, as we walked past the rat traps lining the corridors.

Seriously you cannot make this up.

However, with the attitude that the glass is always half full, we pressed onwards.

Let’s say the photos didn’t match reality (a bit like Tinder).

No the Wayne of old, would have done a dummy spit, however as seasoned travellers we are (eye roll).

Sally immediately started cancelling our booking using the Airbnb Wifi, while I looked for an alternative place.

No tantrums from me as per the past, we worked the problem and boom we are now sitting here writing this blog.

Once settled into our new pad, a quick trip to the supermarket.

Again has Austria known about #COVID19?

Check out the markings on the floor.

These have been here for years.

Physical distancing at its best.

Again plenty of food and no panic buying.

So the lesson for today.

Just be kind. It definitely pays off.

In 2021, will you be proud of your actions in 2020?

PS. We told the owner the first Airbnb with the issues, and they truly appreciated us sending photos of the place etc.

I genuinely believe that they didn’t know the state of their house and appreciated our feedback.

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