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Liman Restaurant - Sigacik

Liman Restaurant - One visit

Liman restaurant is tucked away in the harbour amongst all the fishing boats with great views of the hills and turbines.

Open all day and during the quiet season, a bonus for the travellers who visit during the shoulder season.

The team is full of energy and provides excellent service, is understanding and attentive to your requests, and is not intrusive.

Extensive range of cold and hot appetisers, local fresh fish and seafood dishes, caters for red meat eaters, just a little heavy with the garlic; if this is not your thing, best ask for no garlic.

We enjoyed some local starters, followed by one of the best seabass I have experienced to date, and it was superb.

Liman has an eclectic interior; think of a ceiling designed to look like a reef, providing you with the whole seafood experience and works.

Pricing is reasonable, and they happily accept credit cards.

There is a reasonable range of local Turkish wines compared to other dining establishments in the area and higher quality options.

You will be happy with your visit and dining experience at Liman Restaurant; we would have revisited it if we had more time.

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