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Sherlock Steakhouse & Pub - Sigacik

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

A gastropub with the most positive energy, not only a perfect live music venue but a place where you feel you have been part of the family for years.

From the moment we arrived, we were greeted with big smiles from the staff and the patrons; you could feel the positive energy and kind hearts. We left a piece of us in Sığacık. The people are beautiful, genuine, kind, and full of a unique and lovable energy. Special new friendships after only two visits with whom you wish you had more time. I was incredibly overwhelmed by the kindness we received. On the first evening, I was gifted a 'Nazar Boncuğu’ bracelet from Ayça, the lovely waitress, as a reminder of our newfound friendship.

We initially came for a late afternoon drink. The team was so beautiful and friendly that we stayed till late in the evening, having fun chatting away (primarily via google translate). We made many new friends from this beautiful venue, and the memories we will cherish forever. We are lost for words about the warm smiles, laughter, and stories told by all the Sherlock Steakhouse & Pub team.

Drinks, where do we start? Jagermeister mojito anyone? We were fans! Very impressive glassware to enjoy your new favourite cocktails too.

We only ate some bar snacks, but this would be a fun place for a late lunch or dinner with live music from the vibe and the people in summer.

Sherlocks is a classic live music venue that allows you to sit indoors or outdoors by the log fires (during the colder months), suitable for all seasons. A bonus, they are open during the quiet season and a place for the young ones to socialise. They have a live band a few nights a week, and the weekends get very busy.

During our second visit, we had just devoured a late lunch, so we were visiting for drinks and were treated by the team to some surprise snacks (coloured cheese), and they made us their signature shots, which were very thoughtful and more fun with the team.

Pricing was very reasonable; we even shouted with joy to all our new friends to show we were so grateful for their warm welcome and for sharing their time with us during our visit.

Sherlock Steakhouse is a vibrant, energetic, casual establishment full of fun-loving people; you will definitely enjoy your time here during your visit to Sigacik.

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