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Deniz Restoran - Sigacik

Deniz Restoran - One visit

Deniz Restoran is a seafood restaurant in Sigacik, Turkey, with beautiful views of the Teos marina.

Being a pure seafood restaurant, hubby wasn't happy, but he survived— due to great views, white tablecloths and proper cloth napkins, and of course, the deep-fried calamari!

Being the beginning of Spring, it was the slow season in Sigacik. The service was exceptional, and the team were all full of smiles. Our only comment was slightly pushy when you enter; you are whisked straight to the day's catch and Turkish appetisers on display before you are seated.

We are the type of diners who seek out a great table and the wine list before we even look at the food menu, which in this case, there wasn't one, so you needed to pop back to order.

A great selection of fresh fish and plenty of it, so you will be sure to find something that suits your palate. I enjoyed a fillet of a lovely swordfish and it was delicious.

This is a large restaurant with two floors of seating, therefore set up to cater for tourists, so we could imagine it would be a busy restaurant at its peak.

We would have felt a little more comfortable if a menu with prices (or listed above the fish) was available; therefore, you were left in the dark while ordering or missed out on some delicious new dishes. Pricing was a little more steep based on our experience travelling through Turkey, but nothing to worry about.

The wine list was a range of local wines, relatively small, possibly due to low season, but competitively priced, and you will be sure to find a suitable match for your food.

The location is lovely and was very peaceful for a nice slow lunch overlooking the yachts and sailboats in the marina.

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