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Airbnb - Sausal

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

We decided to spoil ourselves with a stay at a 200-year-old Airbnb above our average daily accommodation budget, and we were not disappointed.

Nestled halfway up a hill via a beautiful drive-through woods, you are treated to a fantastic panoramic view.

You'll enjoy beautiful sunsets and be woken up by the morning sun.

While this place is small, it has a fully equipped kitchen, so we didn't leave it.

I especially loved the vintage B&O radio and the excellent sound from the BOSE sound system.

Kick back, grab a book and relax.

Beautifully appointed, grab a bottle of wine from the cellar underneath and enjoy the surrounding views.

A 200-year-old "Kellerstöckl" (wine press) adapted into an award-winning house.

Designed by Yes Architecture, the house took ideas from the original "Kellerstöckl" (wine press) windowless building and, for this area, a unique corn-cob drier structure, one standing next to the house.

The interior is a modern interpretation of a traditional "Bauernstube", an old farmhouse parlour.

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