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Bay of Kotor - Kotor

This morning we woke up to clear blue skies which was a positive start to make our way to Tivat, just under 3-hour drive.

After breakfast at Hotel SOA, we packed up and checked out as the snow started to fall and pray the roads were open.

We were in luck as the roads had just been cleared making the journey much more manageable, it got quite challenging initially, but after 1.5 hours we were in the clear and could relax.

It was incredible to make our way back to sea level from 1500m and the dramatic change in scenery and of course, climate.

We entered Bay of Kotor and were again mesmerised by the beautiful destination.

The Bay of Kotor is the winding bay of the Adriatic Sea in southwestern Montenegro, and the majority of the landmass of Montenegro is concentrated around this bay.

You drive around the Our Lady of the Rocks, it is an artificial island created by bulwark of rocks and sinking old and seized ships loaded with rocks.

Make sure you stop at Vidikovac Sopot to see the waterfall that helps fill the bay.

We safely made it and are now enjoying a glass of vino and looking forward to a week here before we head to Albania our next destination.

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